2023 Impact Report: Leveraging the Power of Video for Good

How can we build a business that has a positive impact on our team members, our customers, and our community? 

It’s a question we believe all businesses should be asking … which is why we decided to launch an annual Idea Decanter Impact Report. This is a way to hold ourselves accountable and to keep striving to make a bigger difference each year. Here’s our impact report by the numbers:

3 Ongoing Partnerships

1. The Women’s Leadership Alliance (WLA)

As a women-owned business, the mission of the WLA immediately resonated with us. The pioneering women who had the vision to create a 501(c)3 dedicated to helping women advance in the male-dominated field of financial services had their work cut out for them. The organization launched in 2016, and by 2017 Idea Decanter was fully immersed in helping the WLA get the word out through video. To date, we’ve profiled almost 50 women, and with each story we tell, we find inspiration. See those stories here.

What we love about the WLA: Women helping women advance their careers

2. The Financial Planning Association (FPA)

The moment we had the chance to partner with the FPA, we jumped. As the preeminent membership organization for Certified Financial Planning Professionals, it was a no-brainer to team up. Through our work with the FPA, we’ve helped the organization share countless stories supporting the four key pillars of the FPA message. In 2023, we also started work on an exciting chapter member recruitment and retention pilot project that (no big surprise) involves video. Stay tuned for more on the pilot!

What we love about the FPA: A vast network of advisors ready and willing to share their stories

3. Make-A-Wish of Washington and Alaska

It’s refreshing to step away from the financial services industry every once in a while, too! Which is why we continue to work with Make-A-Wish. Over the years, we’ve had the chance to shoot on site and we’ve created videos from content that wish kids have recorded themselves. And with each project, we’ve been reminded of the power that generosity can produce in the lives of deserving kids.

What we love about Make-A-Wish: The Inspiring Kids

2 New 2023 Initiatives

1. SER Latino Advisor Summit

Getting in on the ground floor of something is special. And when we saw what the organizers of the first SER Latino Advisor Summit were cooking up, we immediately reached out to get involved. In an industry desperately in need of more racial diversity, the SER Latino Summit was designed to help adviors overcome obstacles … together. In addition to interviewing some amazing attendees, we also had the chance to sit in on many of the speaker presentations. In fact, the inspiration for this Impact Report came from the stage of the SER Summit, where Carson Coaching’s Sarah Cain introduced us to the concept and got our wheels spinning!

What we love about the SER Latino Advisor Summit: The power of a small group of people on a mission (and the salsa dancing lesson at the Summit was a close runner up)

2. FinServ Foundation

When it comes to making a difference, looking toward the future is a good place to start. The FinServ Foundation is all about helping young people find their way into the financial services world. Mentorship, connections, coaching and community for the NextGen are are pieces of the puzzle. And a video showcasing the students talking about the opportunities FinServ had given them seemed like a must-have. Look for the release of that project in early 2024!

What we love about the FinServ Foundation: Children are the future

1 Random Acts of Kit Winner

Three years ago we asked our clients to nominate a charity that was close to their heart and needed a marketing video. We called the project Random Acts of Kit … inspired by the Random Acts of Kindness movement. Once the nominations are in, the Idea Decanter team reviews the charitable causes and votes on one to support with a donated video. Through the years, we’ve had the chance to produce some very special videos. From the kids of Nisky Rowing in New York to the young lives impacted by A Brighter Community in Colorado, each project was designed to make an impact. This year, we’re proud to be partnering with The Next Step, an organization dedicated to providing high-end prosthetic care in the U.S. to Israelis suffering limb loss.

What we love about RAK: A hands-on chance for Idea Decanter to use our talents to give back

Our Daily Impact

As a virtual company, there are significant ways our employees are contributing to a greener world. Our commutes involved padding over to our desks instead of hopping in cars or on busses or trains to get to the office. We’re pretty much paperless, except for the “big picture” brainstorming the co-founders like to do on really big swaths of paper. And the videos we produce are a digital, so other than shipping gear to clients, the products we supply are virtual. When it comes to making an impact, we’re proud of the work we do at Idea Decanter and we’re looking forward to making an even bigger splash in 2024!

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