3 Tips for Finding the Best Video Background

You’ve picked out your outfit. You’ve combed your hair. But have you looked at what’s behind you?

Just like picking out your favorite team-colored tie, choosing a background is as important to making a good impression. After all, your video is your digital business card and needs to reflect the brand you’ve worked so hard to build.

We have three ideas to share with you, straight from our Idea Kit record sessions, that will help you take your office from work ready to camera ready! Let’s go!

Not loving your office? Maybe you’re working out of your home, and space is limited. You have options! Check out sites like Peerspace, where you can rent spaces by the hour. Just think of it… you could have a different background for every time you record a video!

Still need help? Your Kit Coach will help you find the best background on your next Idea Kit record session.

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