6 Teleprompter Tips to Look Like a Pro On Camera

Remember when you were a kid and the teacher called on you to read a chapter in front of the whole class?

If you were like us, you felt awkward and full of nerves. And that led to your classmates not paying much attention. Maybe you’d even catch them yawning or, worse yet, nodding off!

Using a teleprompter doesn’t have to be like that.  Here are six easy tips to help you feel less nervous and deliver a professional performance.

1. Make sure your teleprompter script is on the same side as your camera lens.
2. Position yourself 3-4 feet away from your camera to help eliminate the eye shift of reading the lines.
3. Shrinking your teleprompter to less than half your screen will keep your eyes aligned to the camera.
4. Read your script out loud at least two times before recording.  You don’t need to memorize it, but reading out loud will help you use the correct inflection on camera.
5. Do at least 3 full takes of the video.  Your first take will rarely be the best and you will be more comfortable on camera with multiple takes.
6. Listen as you play back your video to make sure you sound conversational.

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