A Financial Advisor’s Guide to Building a Video Script with Impact

Would you like to avoid the video marketing mistakes that so many advisors make? Here’s your blueprint to get it right from Duncan MacPherson of Pareto Systems.

Duncan explains exactly how to position your messaging so you aren’t chasing new clients; you are attracting them. It all comes down to AICA: Attention, Interest, Confidence, and Action.

The long-format conversation is worth 20 minutes of your time, but if you want to hop straight to a specific point, here’s your timecode guide:

1:20 How long do you have to grab the viewer’s attention?

2:20 Are you talking about what you do OR what your viewer wants?

3:30 How to position your value as bought not sold. What to say so people come to their own conclusion, convince themselves, and then take action.

4:10 Duncan demonstrates one way to script your “hook” or opening for your video script.

5:00 How to grab the Attention of a viewer who is looking for a reason to leave their current advisor.

6:45 Avoid bragging at all costs, don’t lead with your technical ability, and leave you career mileage out of it.

9:00 Build Interest by talking about who you work with, not what you do

10:30 Should you talk about minimums?

12:50 Build Confidence by using understatement. Your prospects don’t want to be pitched or sold.

15:30 Ready to wrap it up? Duncan demonstrates a way to bring the messaging in your video to a crescendo.

17:00 Can marketing change your viewer’s DNA? Here’s how to create a subtle shift in your audience from apprehension to anticipation.

18:10 When it comes to your call to Action, here’s a simple, yet effective, way to close your video.

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