Advisor-Tested Tips to Marketing During Financial Uncertainty

Did you find yourself picking up the phone A LOT to answer client questions after the Silicon Valley Bank crisis?

What if we told you there’s an easy way to streamline that process and soothe client worries at the same time?

Idea Decanter talks with Top Advisors who are not only surviving but thriving in the financial uncertainty of 2023. Grab your pen and paper because we’re sharing their top secrets to marketing success, no matter what’s happening on Wall Street.

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Questions Answered 

2:12 Keys to marketing strategy for 2023 more volatility the more frequency needed

3:16 Research shows 47% of clients wish their advisor contacted them more frequently

4:18 More video and less static communications

5:26 Clients need to “see” you – video is crucial

7:37 Balance addressing fears with delivering messaging with positivity and normalcy

8:08 When you find yourself repeating the same things- MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT IT

8:22 Why staying in front of your clients right now is more important than ever 

8:33 Remind clients to keep eyes on the long-term goals  

9:37 The power of picking themes for your marketing strategy

10:42 The importance of your Standard Operating Procedure

11:35 Why your website is your marketing foundation

12:08 Best websites are inviting, make it easy to schedule a meeting, and have an obvious newsletter sign up

12:46 A newsletter resource if you get stuck writing

17:16 The importance of consistency in podcasting with video

19:10 Setting realistic marketing expectations 

20:28 Using marketing to reach multiple generations  & generating content for sharing

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