Advisor Video Academy: Building a “Better” Book of business

Advisors are taught to believe you have to find your ideal client, but what if we told you there’s a different approach? 

Idea Decanter talks with Elyse Stoner and Angela York, founders of Custom Strategic Marketing for Wealth Advisors about how getting a deeper understanding of yourself can be the key to growing your business!


Cheat Sheet

4:00 Creating a different lens to Marketing 

5:00 Looking at yourself to build a better book of business 

6:00 Attracting your ideal client 

6:55 Standing out from other advisors 

8:00 Finding patterns within your business 

8:40 Finding what makes you happy 

9:00 Knowing who you are and digging deeper to connect with clients 

10:00 Discovering Your USP 

14:30 How to make advisors shine 

15:45 Taking your business to the next level

16:30 Create Your 2.0 Business 

19:30 Interviewing clients to get a better idea of your true client base

20:30 What’s KLT?  

24:00 Speaking to your ideal client

25:00 Picking up new clients in unexpected places 

28:00 Staying in your lane to grow your business

Watch The Webinar

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