Advisor Video Academy: Getting More Client in the Door

Could you come up with a month’s worth of social media content in 2 hours?

Chrissy Smith and Shandra Redwine of Congruence Growth & Marketing Agency joined Advisor Video Academy to talk about fast and efficient content creation, running “Mini Growth Sprints,” and optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

All their tips are designed to help you get more clients in the door.

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Questions Answered

3:50 How to think about growth differently

4:11 3 things you need in place to grow 

4:55 The Congruence equation to getting traction

6:20 Defining the heart of your brand

8:00 Is it better to have a real or fake Zoom background?

11:29 The power of sharing personal details in your content

12:20 The secret to a 90-day Growth Sprint

14:15 Examples of what to share on social in Growth Sprints 

16:20 What should be in your social content

17:25 Formula for one month’s worth of social posting in only 2 hours of work

21:00 Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for growth

25:54 Using creator mode on LinkedIn to reach more followers

28:00 How to build your own “Mini Growth Sprint”


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