Advisor Video Academy: How to Close a $20M Prospect in the FIRST Meeting

So many advisors are looking for that high-net-worth prospect, but aren’t confident what to say should they actually sit down with one. Closing a high-net-worth prospect isn’t difficult – but you need a next-level strategy to make it happen.

Idea Decanter talks with Erin Botsford, CFP® – founder of The Advisory Authority to learn the secret sauce to sealing the deal in the very FIRST meeting.

Cheat Sheet

3:00 Three Ways You Can Grow 

3:21 Problem: Targeting The Right Audience 

3:58 Choosing the Channels To Target Your Audience

4:23 Top 5 Priorities When it Comes to Your Marketing Budgets

5:22 Tip: Breakdown In Stats For Advisors When Using Social Platforms 

6:03 Boost Your Visibility for Prospects in Google Search

6:48 Get Positive Reviews and /Improve SEO

7:42 Where Do You Find Your Audience?

8:30 Top 3 Platforms For Targeting 

9:15 Estimating your Audience Size in a Facebook Campaign

9:45 Targeting Specific Age Groups

10:40 Creating Campaigns to Attract Specific Audiences 

11:34 Going Beyond The Organic Share 

11:50 How to Gain Followers

12:30 Growing Your Reach 

12:50 Using Advertising Tools In Social Platforms 

13:34 What Does Success Look Like? 

14:15 Why Your Website Presence Matters

14:50 Why You Need Marketing Attribution 

15:20 Why Using The Right Email Platform Matters 

17:22 When do I send people to my website? 

17:50 The Best Place to Put Video on your Website  

18:45 Building Custom Landing Pages: How Much Info Should Be On There?

21:59 Testing What Works Best For Your Brand: Utilizing A Testing Period 

28:00 Direct Response Advertising 

28:50 Curating A Guide For Your Target Audience

29:50 Creating A “Drip Campaign” 

31:00 How to quantify marketing goals in a realistic way?

35:00 Linkedin “In Mail” Marketing 

Watch The Webinar

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