Advisor Video Academy: Jackie Wilke on Delivering Deeper Value: Never Out of Sight, Out of Mind 

Welcome to the most holiday-crammed time of the year. That has us thinking a lot about gratitude.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Should we express gratitude for our clients in the holiday season or throughout the year?” then this convo is for you.

On this episode of the Advisor Video Academy, Idea Decanter talks with Jackie Wilke, Vice President Advisor Consultant at First Trust. We posed the question: year-round appreciation or tie it to the holiday. Her take on it might just surprise you. Plus, she has so many great ideas to help build your personal content creation strategy.

Listen to it all or use our “Cheat Sheet” to jump ahead:

Cheat Sheet

4:00 How can advisors express gratitude around the holidays? 

4:35 Why should you express gratitude to clients? (Gratitude letters, pies)  

6:00 Remembering the people who make the magic happen 

6:22 Should gratitude be pinned for the holiday season or throughout the year? 

7:15 How to remember the small things about your clients 

8:15 Setting up an internal system to celebrate clients 

10:40 ID Tip: Pick 1 or 2 things that you do well and be consistent

11:20 Stand-out trends that are working for advisors

11:50 Never being out of sight or out of mind 

14:00 Using your why story to help guide your next steps 

15:50 ID Tip: WIFM (What’s in it for me?) What are the needs for our clients? 

17:30 Why it’s cheaper to keep your clients than win new ones 

18:15 Marketing to and through clients to retain family generations 

21:00 Never make assumptions about your clients’needs

22:40 Building your own personal content creation strategy 

25:00 Q&A: Any guidance for adding value to Instagram for Raymond James advisors? (Suzanne Scheer)

27:40 ID Tip: Social media works when you work it 

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