Advisor Video Academy: The “Wright” Way to Tell Clients You’re Retiring

You’ve built your business, but now it’s time to leave it behind. The way you exit your business will be as unique as the way you ran it. Though it never hurts to get some tips from other financial advisors who have already transitioned out.

Idea Decanter talks with Lynne Wright, founder of Wright Wealth Management to learn how she prepared a communication strategy for her own retirement the (W)right way 😉.

For Lynne, it was about letting go the business reigns to enjoy life outside of work. But what she learned about how to tell clients she was leaving is worth reviewing if you are on the runway to retirement.

Cheat Sheet

Questions Answered

0:59     Is it harder to face your own retirement or help your clients?
2:45-5:30 Watch Lynne’s retirement announcement video
5:42     What’s it like to read your own retirement video script?
7:44     Communicating with clients throughout the transition
8:30     Prepare for mixed reactions for long-term clients
9:24     A mistake other advisors make (that you can avoid)
10:30   Ways to reassure older clients
12:31   Your retirement communication sample timeline
11:45   Tips from other advisors who’ve done this before
14:50   When is the right time to find your successors?
15:25   Lynne’s tips on the how and when to introduce your successors to clients
17:20   Do you have to have a retirement party?
19:44   Lynne looks back on her own biggest mistake in her retirement communication
20:48   Lynne’s biggest success in the retirement process

Watch The Webinar

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