Advisor Video Academy: Using SEO to Grow Your Online Presence

If TikTok has taught us one thing, it’s this: It can be hard to keep up. Luckily, no one expects you to know the latest trending dance moves. You should, however, have a handle on the constantly changing world of SEO.

Idea Decanter talks with SEO expert Jonny Swift of Impact Communications to get the latest on what you really need to know about building your online presence, curating custom content, and how to analyze your SEO results. Don’t worry; this won’t require you to dance.

Cheat Sheet

Questions Answered

3:05 Where advisors should be visible online
5:19 Inbound Marketing Funnel
8:20 Spider Web Marketing
9:30 Crosslinking & Backlinking
11:02 Social Media Enhances SEO & Reach
14:52 Optimizing SEO Metadata on Website
19:13 Optimizing On-Page Content
23:07 Best Practices for Website Images
26:23 Website Content
28:20 Videos & Podcasts
29:49 Example of creating custom content
31:49 Best ways to create custom content
32:33 The 4 C’s of Content Marketing
34:58 Landing Pages, Domains, & Duplicate Content
37:46 Tools to access & analyze SEO results
39:12 Google Analytics
40:29 Free SEO Audit
41:35 Best Practices for SEO & Online Presence
42:32 How can you view a competitor’s SEO audit?

Bonus Tips 

4:13 Importance of a YouTube channel for video marketing
12:40 SEO is a constant build
13:35 Utilizing Fiver or Upwork for social media posting
13:52 Why you should Google yourself
19:40 Stay current with Google’s algorithm changes
26:38 Adding fresh content boost search results on Google
28:00 Writing blogs on timely topics for website
43:10 The Halo Effect to build credibility

Watch The Webinar

Watch the webinar

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