Are Your Emails Crossing the COVID-19 Line?

You can do more damage than good with email right now. Sure, your inbox has been bombarded with COVID-19 messaging. The result of all those emails? That’s a question we asked Emily McGuire of Flourish & Grit an email marketing and automation studio. She says the equation is simple:


Ready for some tips on being less noisy and more effective? Emily doles them out in our latest installment of “Great Ideas” — an interview series designed to help you tackle your marketing problems. Even the problems you might not realize you are facing!

Ready to learn how to:

  • Evolve your email messaging?
  • Shape your email content through social listening?
  • Take the flexible bucket approach to content planning? (You’ll need a pencil for this one!)
  • And get over your fear of pressing the “send” button?

Watch and learn from Emily:

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