Behind the Scenes at the “Wealthies” Awards 

Taking a work trip used to be so status quo. We’d sigh, “Yeah, going out of town next week.” Then pack up our things and Uber to the airport where we would invariably set off the alarms at checkpoints because we somehow still forgot we had that bottle of water in our bag.

That was then. This is now …

“Did we mention we’re going to New York? On a trip! For work!”  

Why so excited? 

Because it has been 18 months since the co-founders of Idea Decanter have been in the same state. Eighteen months! It’s like two full back-to-back pregnancies. Or the time it takes my children to pick up their shoes from the stairs and carry them to their closet. In short, it has felt like an eternity.

The idea of silver linings of the pandemic has been done to death. This is not a blog post about how great it’s been these past 18 months.

But, it sure does make a trip that might have seemed routine in 2019 into something really, truly, amazingly, incredibly, undeniably special. And we want to share a little of it with you. 

Please fasten your seatbelts, stow your carry-ons completely under the seat in front of you keeping the aisle clear, and come along on our trip to the 2021 Wealthies Awards in New York City:

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