CASE STUDY: Does Posting Content to my Website Really Drive Traffic?

CASE STUDY: Does Posting Content to my Website Really Drive Traffic?

Consistently posting content to your website is about as easy as giving up sugar or meditating every day. The intentions are good. The goals are honorable.

The reality is hard.

Over the years, we’ve encountered many advisors who began following a content strategy of posting blogs or videos to their websites. But then, after a few months, they ran out of steam. Something always seemed more important than creating for their website. Marketing slipped easily to the bottom of their long list of to-dos. We get it. It’s easy to question the point behind all the effort.

You may wonder: Am I just putting content into a vacuum? Will I really see results? The answers are No. And YES!

Remember, the goal of marketing is to capture the attention of the right people. To get the right people standing in front of you. And the right people will investigate (think google-as-a-verb) you before first contact and definitely before the first meeting. . . and they are not only looking at your website, they’re reading it!

Your website is a representation of you – like a window into your business and a portal to you as a person. It is, quite frankly, an absolutely vital tool in your sales toolbox!

Okay, but Why Bother Adding New Content Regularly?

Think of your website like a luxury store on Madison Avenue; and think of potential clients like window shoppers strolling down the avenue. How do stores capture the attention of prospective buyers? How do they get the right person, whose intent may only be an evening stroll, to stop walking and enter their store?

It’s certainly not by keeping the Halloween displays up year-round. In fact, the most successful stores switch up their displays (their “window content” if you will) every few days. Consistently.

Content strategy works the same way – it can drive leads to your website and into your funnel so that you can capture and convert. And we have the proof! But before we share the evidence with you, consider how important video is to your website’s content.

SEO Loves Video!

We’ve done the research, and what we discovered is remarkable: A blog or article that includes video typically triples the number of backlinks. Backlinks are your websites inbound links, and the more that come from high-quality sites, the better your SEO ranking.

Video also gets visitors to spend more time on your page, and time spent “sticking around” a website is an important Google criterion for evaluating the quality of your site.

A final consideration? Posts featuring a video are about 1,200% more likely to be shared on social media. The bottom line – search engines love video.

We sort of understand why videos hold magnetism for us – after all, the ability to interact (pause, rewind, even replay) and their ability to convey emotion are two undeniable reasons we connect so deeply to them. Tik Tok, Reels, YouTube . . . the proliferation of video in the past decade has been surreal but not surprising. In fact, Unbounce, a software company that creates landing pages for websites, found that using videos on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%.

The Proof is in the Pudding

And the pudding is video marketing – we collaborated with Kalli Collective, delivering our Idea Kit content with a financial planning team. Let’s call them Client A. A’s goal was to engage prospects and convert them to clients while also nurturing existing client relationships.  We took them through our custom story process, live coached them in their recording sessions, and delivered videos that make them sound as great as they are!

Their videos were delivered in August 2020 through November 2021. Kalli Collective published those videos, along with other content, sporadically over the course of 15 months. You can see the resulting traffic to their website in the graph from Google Analytics below:

Let’s take a closer look at the metrics.

When content was posted starting in late 2020, more people started visiting the website. The proverbial window shoppers stop – and they enter the store! In late 2021, you see a dramatic website traffic drop off at the end of their content posting strategy.

When your objective is engagement – when you want prospective clients to stop in their tracks and investigate, use video. And post new content with video consistently.

Feel like your flatlining digitally? Not sure how to access your creative spirit? That’s where we come in. In fact, using the same Idea Kit process to create videos and Kalli Collective’s post and promote service this client used with impressive results, we can get you a heaping serving of pudding too.

When you’re ready to take the plunge and follow through on intentions and goals, Idea Decanter will be ready. The power of video is indisputable – and we love helping you create yours!

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