Chris Lapins: Video Editor + Future Pool Shark

On any given weekend in rainy Seattle, Chris Lapins likes to get away from his monitor and keyboard. During the week, he’s setting in points and out points as he edits videos for Idea Kit clients, but in his free time, he has a pool cue in his hands.

Now admittedly, Chris isn’t a pool shark … yet. He has a buddy who has practiced a lot and gotten good enough to compete, and the competitive side of Chris wants to be just as good. That might be why he played 30 games of pool in one day. In the first game, he barely got a ball in the pocket. By the 30th, he was planning his next three shots before he hit the ball.

It’s that competitive streak that keeps video editing interesting for Chris. He says he’s always challenging himself to create something new and different while finding ways to do it better and faster.

A Fascination with Filmmaking

As a child growing up in Washington state, Chris gravitated towards movies, specifically films like Star Wars and Jurassic Park, which remain some of his favorites today. (Ask him about his collection of Star Wars figures if you really want to break the ice!)

Chris attended The Evergreen State College in Olympia, where he studied filmmaking and video production. Evergreen has many notable alumni like Matt Groening , the creator of The Simpsons, rapper Macklemore, and Michael Richards, better known as Kramer on Seinfeld.

You don’t have to look far to find some of Chris’ creative projects on YouTube. His channel features one of his recent projects depicting the life of a filmmaker … which isn’t always easy!

Calling himself a “former YouTuber” Chris’ channel now features videos he shot, produced, and edited, including this one for an up-and-coming Seattle-area chef:

“While filmmaking is his true passion, Chris loves editing and has an impressive track record of projects, including work for the Seattle Yacht Club, Seattle Asian Hall of Fame, and PBS’ “The Viewpoint Project” with Dennis Quaid.”

He says editing takes him back to the days of playing video games as a kid – getting lost for hours in a game. He does the same while diving into an editing project. When he’s working on an Idea Kit video, Chris brings your ideas to life on screen. He enjoys the teamwork that comes with working for Idea Decanter – in that everyone has their role that’s needed to get the job done – and at the end of the day, there is this impressive final product.

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