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In February, we were chugging along. Sending out Valentine’s gifts to our clients. Planning remote video shoots. Booking trips to conferences. To put it in plain and simple terms: We didn’t see this coming!

But, when COVID-19 started changing the lives of our clients, we did what we do at Idea Decanter. We planted our butts in our home office chairs (okay, sometimes we move to the standing desk or change to a yoga ball) and we rolled up our sleeves.

We knew we had the tools to help you communicate — even when you had to stop meeting with clients. Even when you couldn’t go into the office anymore. And from February 28th through this very moment, we have worked tirelessly to make sure your message is clear and easy to create, you look and sound good, and most importantly, you connect with your clients.

To say we are grateful to be involved in the videos you’ve created would be like saying Coronavirus has had a “slight” impact on our lives. Watching you stand and deliver makes us feel like proud parents. Which is why we put together this highlight reel. We hope these 90 seconds will make you realize that the pandemic has changed us all in one way or another. But change, though painful, can also be good:

As we’ve churned out videos for clients, we’ve also been building tools to help all the advisors in our community. To make it easy for you to find, we have a Coronavirus Communication page on our website where you can get:

  1. Four tips to give your content calendar a COVID-19 overhaul
  2. Ways to connect with clients in virtual meetings
  3. Lighting tips for Zoom calls
  4. Your quick communication Kit
  5. Seven ways to be the voice of reason in the midst of a crisis
  6. And we’re adding more each week …

Get them all here:

The economy has changed, budgets have changed, and priorities have changed. On the other side of COVID-19, we’ll all be evaluating what to stop doing and what to start. That’s when your marketing plan will demand an answer to this question:


Video marketing is a powerful tool for keeping your clients close and also connecting with prospects and turning them into clients. Fernando’s story will make you a believer too.

Remote video may be your answer. You can get started by finding out more about Idea Kit or scheduling a free 15-minute call.

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