Elite Wealth Advisors Summit 2023

Elite Wealth Advisors believe in growth

Why video Works

64% of meetings booked resulted from prospects who received a short video.  -B2B DecisionLabs, 2022

Video content in emails can improve click-through rates by up to 300%. – Campaign Monitor, 2020

78% of businesses say they received more traffic after implementing videos in their content strategies. – SerpWatch, 2022

RJ Vetted. RJ Approved.

Your RJ Marketing experts know video is important. Putting tools into advisors’ hands is a top priority now, which is why Idea Decanter is proud to be an approved vendor for all Raymond James advisors — whether you are RJA, RJFS, RJL, or RCS. Not only do we work hand-in-hand with your compliance team, but we also offer you a special discount. For details, schedule a free 15-minute “Find Out More” call and make sure to mention Raymond James.