FMG Background Video

Add some zip to your site

"Your website is your new reception area. It’s where prospects form a first impression and decide whether they want to take the next step, Video has been proven to increase the time visitors spend on your site, as well as improve conversions.”


Video built to work with your FMG website.


Bring Your Service to LIfe
Let potential clients get a feeling for your care and expertise by showing vignettes of a client meeting.
Feature Your Team Members
Teamwork is the backbone of your organization. Highlight the dedication and comraderie of your team as they work behind the scenes to give your clients the best experience.
Connect with Your Target Audience
Share you passions, your niche expertise, your dedication to a community


Get your staff camera ready. You’ll want everyone dressed 20% better than in their day-to-day life. Having hairspray on hand is a lifesaver! 

Think about having some people wear branded colors- but don’t go overboard. A tie, scarf or even jewelry can go a long way without feeling campy.

Your client isn’t playing “themselves” they are standing in for your “Ideal Client”.  Have them dress the way your target audience does, but stay away from clothing with large corporate logos.


If you have dedicated cleaning days schedule your session afterwards for a pristine look. Some clients even order fresh flowers for the lobby.

We’ll be calling in on an app on your phone. Make sure your phone is charged up 100% – we’ll need it!

It’s helpful to have a dedicated person to work with the director and be our “key grip.”

Keep in mind this is a collaboration. Have a great idea- don’t hesitate to share it with your director.


Schedule your shoot when it’s light outside. This will keep your video light and airy.

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