Get Ready to Record with the Updated App for Idea Kit 

How often do you see the phrase, ‘New and Improved?’ Either on a product at the grocery store, or a golf club that will surely elevate your swing. Setting aside the fact that it’s an oxymoron for something to be both new and improved, how often are those products actually better than before? If it’s a box of cereal, it probably just means the box got a redesign and there’s less food inside. Can you tell I miss those extra few Frosted Flakes? 

While the new app for Idea Kit may not actually be new, we can tell you it is definitely improved. And advisors who’ve used it agree. Like Leo Walker, a Wells Fargo Advisor, who says, “It makes the whole process smoother from take to take.”

We think so too, Leo. And here’s why:


1. Real-Time Response

How big of a fan are you of awkward pauses? “I find them comforting,” said no one ever. With the original Open Reel app, there was a bit of a pause between the time we hit record and when the teleprompter started rolling. Not anymore. Now, right after that 3, 2, 1 recording countdown, your teleprompter starts rolling and you are off to the races.

We can also adjust the speed of the teleprompter faster and more smoothly. And making changes to your script, now happens in real time.

2. No More Shifty Eyes

But, by far, what you’re really going to love is where the teleprompter is located. Before, the script stretched across the width of your iPhone screen. Now, it’s perfectly positioned to your left, closer to the camera lens. This may not seem like a big deal, but it has two big benefits. One, it helps you look directly into the camera lens. And two, it cuts down on your eyes moving back and forth as you read the script. All this makes for a much more personal experience with your viewer.

3. Up Close & Personal

Get ready for your close up, because the app can now capture video that’s clearer than ever. When using an iPhone 11 or 12, we can record in 4K with the front (selfie) camera. It makes you look better and allows us to zoom in tighter if we need to, without sacrificing quality.

4. Feature Your Friends

Love this process so much that you want to invite all your friends to join you? Go ahead! Thanks to the updates, we can now record up to four subjects, either through phone or webcam, and you can all interact with each other. Feature your COIs in videos. Bring in guest experts. It’s time to channel your inner Oprah and get some great interviews on video that your clients and prospects will want to watch.

5. Save Face

We can now do cool new things that have nothing to do with your face on camera. (But we still love to see your face.) Want to walk people through your client portal? Give them a tour of your financial planning dashboard? Or show them how Riskalyze works? Now we can record that video all through the app. 

So, what are you waiting for? Put down those Frosted Flakes and book an Idea Kit remote video shoot today.

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