Getting the Most out of Client Testimonials Feat. Kalli Collective

We know you have clients who love you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be a successful financial advisor.

So why not harness that love?

Thanks to the recent SEC Ad Rule change (read more about it here), you might now be able to use client testimonials to share your value with other clients and prospects. It’s marketing without you needing to say a single word. The client does all the talking.

But you might have some questions like:

          How do I pick the right client and make the big ask?

          How do I produce a good testimonial video?

          And what will compliance let me do with it?

We asked Kalli Fedusenko, the founder of Kalli Collective, to share her client testimonial case study to answer those questions.

Cheat Sheet

Questions Answered 

00:40: Why client testimonials are valuable
03:10: Ways you can use them
07:20: How to ask for a client testimonial
13:00: You’d be surprised, but clients are honored to be asked!
14:00: Tips for producing high-quality testimonial videos
15:00: Client testimonial video example
17:00: The process for producing a client testimonial video
19:00: Dos and Don’ts for client testimonials

watch the webinar

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