Great Ideas: Getting out of Your Head & into Your Heart with Matt Halloran

Saying the right thing at those crucial moments in life is important, but there’s not much of a playbook for what that looks or sounds like. If ever there was a crucial time, COVID-19 is it. That’s why we dedicated our interview with podcasting guru Matt Halloran to delivering the best message for the strange, distant, puzzle-filled, sports-free life we’re living.

You’ll get insights from Matt like, “Shut up and be a human!” Seems obvious, but it’s easy to forget! This installment of Great Ideas is really worth 8 minutes of your time because, let’s face it, time is at a surplus right now.

And if you want to learn more about Matt and his world of Podcasting for advisors, check out Top Advisor Marketing where the slogan is, “Be your own loud.” Rest assured, that does not mean yelling into the microphone. We don’t like that and neither do our podcasting friends!

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