Great Ideas: How to Get More Eyes (and ears) on your Content with Matt Halloran

What’s the hardest part about creating content for you?

Is it:

  1. Coming up with the ideas?
  2. Getting the content created?
  3. Or figuring out how to get people to watch (or listen) to it?

If you’re worried about #3, then Matt Halloran is your go-to guy. He’s the podcasting guru from Top Advisor Marketing and he’s sharing some of his secrets for getting more people to “consume” your content.


Getting your videos watched (or your podcasts listened to) isn’t all that complicated. It comes down to these 3 words: Leverage. Your. Network.

That’s right, you already know the people who can start the chain of engagement. Ready to create your “Hot List” and learn about “Micro Influencing?” Get going with Great Ideas:

Ready to hear Matt’s tips for getting ready for your record session? Here’s another Great Ideas interview you won’t want to miss!

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