Great Ideas: The One Idea that Makes ALL the Difference with Email Marketing

Wouldn’t it be great if you only had to do one little thing to make your email marketing work a whole lot better?

Email marketing magician Emily McGuire of Flourish & Grit says the secret is segmenting.

“What’s segmenting?” you ask!

It simply means taking the list of people who get your emails and splitting them up.

The most logical way to start is separating people into lists of “Clients” and “Leads.” Then you can take it to the next step and segment those lists by what you know about them or what those people want.

For example, let’s say you have a group of clients who are great about telling other people about you. Create a special segment of your client list called “Promoters.” The next time you send them an email, you could give the “Promoters” segment a unique Call to Action like, “Don’t forget to share this with anyone in your life who is facing this financial question.”

You can do this in your email service provider or simply spreadsheet it out if Outlook is the only way you are allowed to send emails.


Segmenting your list takes some work, but it is worth your time.

Emily reminds us that 80% of consumers say they want messaging tailored toward them.

Taking the time to personalize your communication is the only way to deliver the right message to just the right people.

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