Great Ideas: Tips to Get Ready for your Record Session from Matt Halloran

Sweaty palms, racing heart, butterflies in your stomach — all are things you might feel when you’re getting ready to record. In fact, those are the same physiological reactions public speakers have to overcome before stepping on stage.

These days your “stage” may be a podcast microphone on your desk, a webcam ready to livestream your Zoom webinar, or an iPhone with your Idea Kit team on the other end of your video record session. But you can have same feeling deep in the pit of your stomach.


His crew at Top Advisor Marketing helps regular people sound like pros when they record. “How?” you might ask. We had Matt run through some of his pre-podcast pointers for prepping for the session (neck stretches included). He also gives tips for performance while you’re recording. Ready to perfect your pre-game routine? Whether it’s podcasting, webcasting, or video recording, Matt’s tips will get you ready for game time:

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