Great Ideas with Katie Braden: Ditch the Perfection

Are you ready for a challenge? Record a video and share something that not a lot of people know about you. Then send it to one person.

Sound vulnerable? We feel the same way.

The surprising thing about doing this – people’s reaction to your video will shock you. They will be far more focused on your message than your appearance.

Katie Braden, founder of Innovating Advice, has seen it time and time again. People become hyper-critical of themselves – they blink too much, the lighting is bad. But when someone else watches their video, that viewer is smiling and nodding along with enthusiasm.

Katie says the key in creating a good video, “Ditch the perfection.”

In this Great Ideas interview, we talk to Katie about how to do just that – and how it will allow you to create a deeper emotional connection with your audience.

Want to get more Great Ideas from Katie? Check out Part #1 of our interview here and take one tiny step to start recording videos.

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