HO! HO! HO! Let’s Make Some Idea Decanter Holiday Videos!

Maybe you think it’s too early to start thinking about the holidays. Or…maybe you’re just riding out the annual Pumpkin Spice fall frenzy. We’re with you. But as much as you want to put off holiday marketing planning, the time is NOW to start getting your holiday ON.

Before you can closet-binge the Hallmark Channel, knock back the hot cocoa, and sprinkle your tinsel all over town, let’s knock out your holiday video … with help from your very own Idea Decanter team of elves. 

Still feeling like September is too early? What if we told you Advisor Holiday Videos are some of the most loved videos all year? It’s true. Not only are the videos loved by clients, they’re a great team building exercise and a way to have some fun for you and your team!

So lock up that inner Scrooge and get ready to have some fa-to-the-la-la-la video fun.

Don’t know where or how to get your Frosty the Snowman on?  We’ve got you.

Here’s some great ideas to inspire you.

GOT KIDS? You got a Holiday Video!

Let’s start with something simple. KIDS. They’re cute. They’re fun. And they’re a great way to personalize your holiday video! Here’s a good one from 2022. Try not to smile…we double dare you. Remember, Elf On the Shelf is watching you…



We know a lot of you are pretty funny. OK, more like, HILARIOUS. So why not think of your Holiday Video as an opportunity to lean into that comedian inside of you that’s just waiting for your audience? Now’s your time. ‘Tis the season to BE FUNNY. Here’s one of our fav’s.



Too soon for the Holiday Muzak track? Ok. #RESPECT. But you gotta admit…there’s just something about a warm toasty fire on a dark winter night that melts your heart and ignites your holiday spirit. You know we’re full of editing magic (thanks to our amazing video team), so you don’t even need a real fireplace to warm the cockles of your video heart. We’ll make you one!  Just ask Gerry about that…


What kind of marketing company would we be if we didn’t SLEIGH ALL DAY with our own video advice? Here’s our 2022 Idea Decanter Holiday Video.

So pack up the sleigh, let’s toast with some eggnog AND have some seasonal fun…Just to be good for goodness sake.

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