How Elite Wealth Advisors Are Using Video to Win New Clients

Who would say no to a few nights at the Ritz? When we were asked to share our best video strategies with the top 100 producers at Raymond James … and we heard it was at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago … it was a pretty easy Yes!

What we shared on that stage with some of the best advisors in the country was a strategy that can add the spark you need to light up your lead funnel. Here’s how to add video touchpoints to build relationships more quickly and speed up your conversions.


Build your Lead Funnel Drip Campaign

#1 Start at the top

How are you communicating pre-Discovery meeting with a prospect? Maybe there’s an email request to schedule the meeting. Bet you send a meeting confirmation, too. These emails are the first and most crucial place to insert video.

It would be great to have prospect sit down with you in a first meeting and say, “I feel like I already know you!” If you’ve sent them a video or two before the meeting, you’ve already broken the ice.

#2 Follow up

After your first meeting is a great time to send your next video. Take this chance to expand on a topic your prospect brought up in the meeting. It shows you listened! Some advisors send a video about their process at this stage in the game. No matter the topic, you’re continuing to build a relationship.

#3 The Nudge

Deeper in your funnel you’ll find the prospects who are thinking about working with you but haven’t committed. If you’re looking for a way to re-ignite their interest that doesn’t feel salesy or pushy, create a “Nudge” video. This goes out in an email and works well if you make it funny. Financial planning doesn’t need to be super serious! Check out the video we use as a Nudge.

#4 Onboarding

Send this last lead funnel video at the point your prospect converts to a client. This video gives you a chance to set the pace for the relationship by laying out what they can expect from your team in the next 6, 9, or 12 months. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce more members of your team. Don’t forget, getting personal is what makes you memorable.

Use videos in your lead funnel like the top producers and you can consistently build relationships with your prospects and speed up your conversions. Take the first step and brainstorm story ideas for each of the four stages. Need help? That’s what Idea Kit is all about. Schedule a strategy session here.


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