How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Production with Instant Video Impact

Recording videos and using them to grow your business sounds great. But then there’s the cost of video production. The writer’s block that comes with figuring out what to say. And the technical parts of shooting and editing a video that can trip you up.

And … you’re out.

Wait! Before you abandon the idea that you, too, could be using video to save time, build trust, and win more clients, you should meet Instant Video Impact.

This 2-video package solves problems like: How do I start? What do I say? What mic should I buy? Should I use a camera or my cell phone?

Crafted specifically for advisors eager to embrace the power of video without breaking the bank, Instant Video Impact is your ultimate solution. We’ve got the answers to your questions and can get you started with professional-grade videos right for you to use to grow your business!

“Picture this: a world where advisors can effortlessly create jaw-dropping videos without the headache of equipment woes, on-camera jitters, or the need for a fancy video editor,” Sharon Gottula

Watch these four simple steps to find out how Instant Video Impact works:

Once you have these videos in your hands, you’ll get Idea Decanter’s “How to Use Your Videos” checklist for maximum impact.

Ready to become a video superstar? Jumpstart your marketing by clicking here to find out more about Instant Video Impact!

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