How to Create a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Video Marketing

Videos don’t just record themselves. But wouldn’t that be nice?

From coming up with the concept, all the way through to using the finished video to grow your business, there are steps. These steps can be built into a process or Standard Operating Procedure.

Wait, you’re saying I need to have a process and a plan? Yes, my planner friends. This should be right up your alley!

Your SOP doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the most simplified steps are the easiest to follow. Any good SOP includes defined dates. And you definitely need to assign the tasks in your SOP, or they’ll never get done.

Here’s how to get started:

When you have an SOP, your videos are more likely to work for you and less likely to sit around collecting cyber dust. Is that a thing?

Sadly, you’re not going to wake up one morning and have your SOP built. But Laura Webb and Faith Doyle of Webb Investment Services have done a lot of the hard work, so just borrow this version and make it your own:

R&D - Rip off & duplicate

Webb Video Creation Standard Operating Procedure

1. FD/LW – Plan the video theme(s) – at least 1 month before filming

2. FD/LW – Write description draft then send to Idea Decanter- due to ID 3 weeks from filming

3. FD/LW – Receive edits from Idea Decanter, make additional edits- complete 2 weeks before filming

4. ES – Send to compliance- at least 1 week before filming

5. ES – Send approved script to LW, FD and Idea Decanter

6. Team at WIS – Once film completed and draft video received review with in 1 week of receiving from ID and make comments and edits

7. ES – Send updated version to compliance and update FD, LW and ID if edits required

8. ES – alert FD, LW and Idea Decanter that the video is approved by compliance

9. ES – once ID sends Wistia link- save in ID folder in marketing in Ops Manual and let FD and LW know it’s available

10. FD, LW – determine when to launch

11. ES – write description draft for email, website and social media and send to LW and FD for edits at least one week prior to launching

12. LW, FD – send ES edits within 2 days of receiving

13. ES – submit verbiage to compliance

14. ES – once approved schedule the post to website and social media and the email to clients

15. FD and LW send to COIs – send in the copy of the email – we think this is a great video to share with someone who would want to work for us

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