How to Let Your Hollywood Shine through on Your Video Shoot

Most of our clients don’t have a lot of on-camera experience (except for this guy who picks up side jobs as a model for obvious reasons). OK, high school debate or musical participation might have laid the ground work, but in the past few decades, you probably haven’t had a lot of formal coaching. That’s where we can help.

I gleaned these teachable tools from my years as a broadcast news reporter and anchor. Now I’m passing on these tips from the tv talent consultants and voice coaches who helped train me. Reporting live from a hurricane or in the Mardi Gras crowds might be a little more distracting than the environment for your shoot — but the fundamentals of talking on camera are the same. Here are 3 tips (and a bonus tip because we really love you) that can help you bring the best you to your next video shoot: 

Want more tips? Here’s our guide for picking the right outfit for your video shoot.

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