How to Light Up your Life & Your Videos

In the world of video recording, lighting is your best friend. Just ask Oprah. You thought it was Gail? Nah, it’s her lighting trust us. Back to you… whether you’re working with natural light, a single light source, or advanced equipment, understanding how to control and manipulate your lighting can make all the difference in the quality of your videos. Let’s start with the basics.

No Artificial Light? No Problem!

Imagine you have no artificial lights; it’s just you, your phone, and a microphone. Sigh. Try using natural light! Find a window and position yourself at a 45-degree angle. Look around for any harsh reflections on the floor or patio outside; you’ll want to avoid those. Fun Fact: If you have a white window shade or shower liner, use it to soften the incoming sunlight, creating a lovely even glow on your fabulous face. 

Working with One Light

What if you have just artificial light? In this case, everything. Position the light at a 45-degree angle, slightly higher than your head, but not too high. This angle creates pleasing shadows that add depth to your face. That’s a good thing. Placing the light directly in front is flat and uninteresting. And you’re better than that. 

Light It Up

If you want to elevate your setup (without breaking the bank) invest in a $15 white umbrella (like this one) and a $3 clamp. Thread the umbrella stem through the middle of your ring light and secure it with the clamp. This creates a beautiful, soft light that not only looks great on you but also fills the room, making your video warm and inviting. Think Cozy + Good Video vibe.

Check Your Specs

Love your frames! But, don’t love that glass reflection? Ahh, yes. The eyes are indeed the windows to the soul and you don’t want those pretty peepers obstructed by distracting glare.  Here’s how to keep all eyes on you (not your glasses).

1. Turn away from the window: Position yourself at an angle to the window to reduce the amount of sunshine reflecting in your lenses.

2. Use an Umbrella: Grab that $15 white umbrella to soften the light source. While the reflection may be larger in your glasses, it will be less distracting.

3. Bounce Light Off the Ceiling: Try bouncing light off the ceiling above your phone. This technique softens the light and can reduce glare.

4. Upgrade Your Lighting: Consider upgrading to lights (we like these). They create a rectangular reflection, less obvious than a ring light, and are softer and more flattering.

And remember, you have always have us – your Idea Decanter Lighting Squad – to light up your life …and your shot. With the right lighting, you’ll look great on camera and your video message will shine as bright as you.

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