How to Pre-Plan a Video for Market Corrections

If your clients don’t worry when the markets drop, you’ve done half your job.

Why half?

Just because they aren’t panic selling and locking in losses, doesn’t mean they are living in a bubble.

It is impossible to ignore headlines in the fully digital world these days. So, whether it’s the debt ceiling, the brink of recession, or unavoidable inflation, you better believe your clients are getting an eyeful and an earful.

When the market drops, this is your opportunity to deliver a calming message.

Put Your Plan in Place

You don’t need to wait until the day of the drop. Planning is in your nature, so let’s start planning your strategy now. If sending a video is part of your plan, we applaud you. Volatility gives you the perfect chance to get in front of your clients.

Advisors get stuck on how to create a video before the crisis moment. We always like to ask, “Does your message change?” The basics of behavioral finance that you know and repeat so well are the building blocks of any good crisis communication strategy.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few samples from advisors who recorded market volatility messaging in advance of a market drop.

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