How to Upload Your Videos to Instagram

Have you ever seen a video cropped all wonky on Instagram? Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

Instagram accepts multiple video formats. Your video can be vertical, square, or horizontal. The trick is to make sure Insta doesn’t upload a horizontal video into a square or vertical post.

Here’s how to upload your Idea Kit video correctly so Instagram doesn’t crop it weird: 

Play Video

Step #1

Download your video from Screenlight. Pro tip: download the “proxy” version so it’s a smaller file size. Now click here to change the title to something more meaningful.

Step #2

Next upload to Instagram. You can do this from your computer or your phone. The steps are the same in both cases.

Step #3

Press the new POST button. Do not use reels unless you have vertical video. It’s important when you are uploading your video that you select “Original.


Make sure to write some compelling copy … or copy and paste the social teaser copy at the bottom of your script and add some relevant hashtags

step #5

Read your post one more time to make sure autocorrect hasn’t changed anything and click post.

Congratulations … your video looks professional and complete! Now wasn’t that easy?

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