How to Upload Your First YouTube Video

I’m teaching my 15-year-old son how to drive this fall, and besides some heart-stopping near death experiences, it’s going great. I forgot how many things you need to remember to do when you head off down the road. For me it’s key in the ignition, foot on the gas, and Siri on navigation. For my son there are many, many more neurons firing in order to make the right decisions.

Here at Idea Decanter, we are loading videos to YouTube all the time, so it’s easy to forget how many decisions we make each time we upload without even blinking an eye. But, if this is your first time behind the wheel there are a few steps you need to follow. For example:

      How do you disable comments?

      How do you get a custom thumbnail uploaded?

      What’s a playlist?

Don’t worry! Just like a good driving school, we’ve got your back.

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