How to Use Video to Grow Your Webinar Attendance by 80%

“Work’s been really busy with 360 RSVPs.” That was the message financial advisor Matthew Koll sent the Idea Decanter crew about his upcoming webinar. 

Matthew, of Arvest Wealth Management, was already a webinar veteran, having hosted more than 20. He felt he had a good track record with this marketing strategy, but he wanted to see if he could get more people in the audience. The biggest crowd he’d had in the past was 200. Getting 360 RSVPs was a huge webinar win.

Strategy: Adding Promo Video

His tactic to get people to register and attend his online events in the past involved a mix of social media and email marketing. It was when he added a video to promote THIS estate planning webinar in email and on LinkedIn, that he saw his RSVPs nearly double previous counts, to 360. Now that’s a webinar win!

Why did video make such a big difference?

Matthew’s take is that people just connected with the video more than any other form of communication he used before. “It’s more enjoyable to click a play button and watch a video than read an email.”

Results: More Meetings with Prospects

The results after the webinar were a big win for Matthew, too. He booked more meetings than he had from previous webinars. The engagement is significant considering webinars are the main way Matthew generates new business. In fact, he says a few webinars can be worth a year’s worth of other prospecting methods.

Matthew doesn’t sugar coat the results he got from using video to promote his estate planning webinar, calling it a “huge success” and an “insane” response.

Process: How to Replicate these Results

So how do YOU create a promo video that makes people want to tune into your webinar? 

We’re so glad you asked! 

Follow these 4 steps:

  1. Keep it short and hit the high notes. Your webinar should hold all of your content, not the video promo. Think about whetting the appetite with this video, not giving away the whole store.
  2. Make it relatable for the viewer. This is true for all video content, but even more so when the goal is to entice people to devote 30 minutes or more of their time to a webinar. In the promo, talk about how your viewer feels and what their pain points are, then how your webinar can help.
  3. Tell them what they’ll get and how to get it. It’s helpful to list exactly what they can get from the webinar. Thirty minutes in this fast-paced society is a big commitment if you don’t know what the payoff will be.
  4. Make it easy to register. Be really clear (either in the video or the accompanying email/social copy) how to sign up and attend.

Bonus Tip:

Make sure your actual webinar has a clear CTA (call to action). Matthew was educating his audience about estate planning and ended by offering a meeting. Give your audience an easy way to book that by letting them know you’ll be sending the scheduling link in a follow-up email. Better yet, add the link in the chat as you talk about your offer -or- add a QR code on screen for the audience to follow and book.

Here’s a look at how Matthew hit all of those notes with his webinar video:

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