How-to Videos Can Make Your Life Easier

What’s the thing you find yourself repeating over and over? For our Idea Kit team we discovered the answer to that question inside a box. The gear box.

When we ship our remote video clients the gear they need for their record sessions, we always gave them this warning:

Beware! The directions that come with this gear might as well have been written in Greek. Please don’t worry, we’ll help you set up your gear on your first shoot!

The only problem was that setting the gear up on the shoot could be a challenge, too. How do you solve this kind of problem?


Creating a video that walks your viewer step-by-step through something that can be hard to explain not only helps them out — it helps you, too. You’ll get to save your breath for the important things in life. Meanwhile your how-to video can do the repetitive, step-by-step job of helping explain things.


It’s easy to make a boring how-to video, but it doesn’t have to be stale. Listen to our “Gear Tutorial” video and look for the little pieces of personality Sharon infuses like, “Ta da!” The lesson here is that you don’t have to be boring, so don’t be!

Did you know we’ve developed a series of how-to videos for Raymond James advisors? This subscription service will help your clients become tech savvy — at least when it comes to using the Client Access portal and tools like Zoom and DocuSign. Find out more about Idea Factory here.

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