Idea Decanter Announces Strategic Partnership with FMG

This partnership will provide a seamless way for advisors to add video to their FMG websites

Seattle (March 5th, 2024) – Idea Decanter, a video marketing agency that helps financial advisors write, record, produce, and market unique, custom-created videos, today announced a partnership with FMG to bring custom videos to the website platform.

“First impressions are lasting, and that’s true for your website,” said Idea Decanter Co-founder Laura Garfield. “When you add the eye-catching motion of a custom background video to the top of your homepage, you make a powerful, memorable impression … and that goes a long way!”


For both existing FMG website customers and advisors who are new to the platform, the Idea Decanter team will help plan, script, record, and edit this video, starring the advisor and the advisory team. And it’s all done remotely!

“Your website is your new reception area. It’s where prospects form a first impression and decide whether they want to take the next step,” said Susan Theder, CMO at FMG. “Video has been proven to increase the time visitors spend on your site, as well as improve conversions. Yet many advisors don’t know how to produce a professional video that’s worthy of being on their public website, and once they do, they need help adding and positioning it in the best place on their site. That’s why this partnership is such a win-win. We’re excited to make it easier for advisors to leverage video to elevate their brand image to stand out from their competitors.”

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