Idea Decanter x Snappy Kraken Partnership feat. in Advisor Tech Talk

By: DWN Staff as published in Advisor Tech Talk

Snappy Kraken, the martech innovator serving financial advisors, today announced its partnership with Idea Decanter, a company driven by a fundamental belief in the power of video. This collaboration aims to address the challenges faced by advisors seeking to adopt video as a powerful marketing tool and will empower them to create engaging, impactful video campaigns with confidence. Snappy Kraken and Idea Decanter have joined forces to offer advisors video strategies that will not only fuel their business success but also enable them to preserve their unique voice and message. The goal is to instill confidence, empowering advisors to fully embrace the opportunities of video marketing. Snappy Kraken clients are able to utilize Personal Connection Videos (PCVs), providing them with a streamlined approach to creating and promoting videos at scale. With access to pre-built PCV campaigns, advisors can personalize and record videos using the provided scripts. These videos can then be distributed across email and social media channels to drive awareness, attract subscribers, and humanize the advisor. 

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