Idea Kit Earns Spot as “Wealthies” Award Finalist!

Did you grow up in an era where you got props for participation? A ribbon for showing up? Or a trophy for trying?

We did not. 

My co-founder Sharon and I came from a time when there was only one winner.

So, when we found out Idea Kit had been named a 2021 finalist for a Wealthies award from, we felt a little like those football players rushing onto the field to play the Super Bowl. Oh, yes. Bring on the competitors!

Not to throw any shade on the hard-working marketing folks over at Snappy Kracken, eMoney Advisor, and Clout. Our fellow finalists are undoubtably revolutionizing advisor marketing in their own way. But, let’s face it, they aren’t Idea Kit. 

Here’s why we think video marketing should win. Every. Single. Time.


Not long ago I got a voicemail from a guy named Jeff. He’d just created his first video remotely with Idea Kit and we’d sent him the draft to review. I was expecting some sort of question about what to do when you click on the link. Or how to leave a comment. 

Instead, it was a full-on love letter of a voicemail. Jeff told us he wasn’t sure if we realized what we had here. That the quality of his video had blown him away. He couldn’t believe we’d done all that with an iPhone. And he couldn’t wait to get the video out to his clients and prospects.

“I’m just blown away by how good it is and looking forward to doing all the others.”


That’s what Idea Kit remote video is all about … helping financial advisors meet business growth goals with video marketing. After building a video marketing strategy together, FAs get expert guidance producing original, custom content.


What makes Idea Kit special – and likely why the judges sniffed it out from a record-setting field of 900 nominees this year — is that it was the perfect solution for a very imperfect 2020. 

When suddenly we couldn’t see our clients in person and face-to-face business development was impossible, Idea Kit helped advisors stay connected. In fact, our business thrived while sadly many video production companies couldn’t survive. And the service proved its value for FAs across North America, both during a lockdown and beyond.


How can you create branded, professional videos without a crew on-site? The gear kit with everything needed to record arrives on your doorstep. And the remote record sessions happen through an app – yes, there’s an app for that! 

In the app, a remote director guides the shoot, runs the teleprompter, records, and coaches the advisor for the best on-cam delivery. Then the video clips are pulled into the cloud and editing begins. The result is polished, branded video content that’s ready for compliance’s blessing.


FAs have heard for years that they should be using video. The pandemic hammered that message home. With the gear in their hands and the Idea Kit team backing them up, what may have seemed impossible to do, was now pretty easy. 

One key performance indicator for Idea Kit comes from the advisors’ success with their videos. From Dave, who gained 6 new client relationships and added millions of dollars in assets to his book with one video, to Fernando, who onboarded two prospects the same day he released his first Idea Kit video, the results for advisors speak for themselves.

Growing your business, building and maintaining relationships, and looking good while you’re at it doesn’t need to be hard. Idea Kit put video marketing within reach, just when advisors needed it the most.


Finalists for The Wealthies Awards are invited to New York for a ceremony in September. You better believe we’ll be there, dressed up, and ready to take a trophy home for Idea Kit — with all the enthusiasm of the Super Bowl champs (but less Gatorade). Keep your fingers crossed and we’ll keep you posted!

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