Is it Too Risky to Use Humor in your Video?

In this day and age where social media reigns supreme – you don’t need video. Everyone knows what a financial advisor does. Why show people how engaging you can be? Or that you’re a reallife human being?

Ok, ok… hopefully you catch the sarcasm here.

You actually do need video. And you also need humor. It’s a great way to engage with clients, tell your story in a concise way – and even get a laugh out of your audience.

It pays to be funny. Not only does it help others connect with your message, it shows you’re not just a financial planning robot beep-booping in an office all day.

When we decided to revise the Idea Decanter website and create a new homepage video, humor took center stage. We think we’re pretty hilarious. Do you?

Funny Advisors in Action

Still not convinced? Check out the inspiration video that got us going. Financial Advisor Michael MacKelvie really hit the nail in the coffin (see what we did there?) with his very memorable video on Death Planning (and the Washington state Long-Term Care Tax).

Another honorable mention… Anthony Ruffalo who uses tv and movie clips to drive home his financial planning messages on YouTube:

Think you’re just not funny enough to take on this kind of project? That’s where Idea Decanter comes in!! We can help you find your funny! It all starts here.

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