Market Drops, Opportunity Knocks: Change Your KPIs In a Down Market

Just as market strategies change in an economic downturn, so should your strategy for attracting prospective clients. And don’t forget about making your current clients happy enough to refer you.

Idea Decanter talked to marketing strategist Zoe Meggert, founder of Perfectly Planned Content, about the best KPIs for 2023. Here’s more on what type of content you need to be producing and why you should adjust your success markers when the market trends are down.

   Cheat Sheet

   Questions Answered:

3:30 – Shifting KPIs for your business based on the economy

4:30 – Two categories your KPIs should revolve around

6:30 – Why nurturing current clients is key to growth … especially right now

7:40 – Ways to stay in front of current clients

9:30 – Strategy, strategy, strategy – Don’t fly blind

10:25 – How to track KPIs for your marketing videos

13:10 – Break through the overwhelm and start with pillar content 

26:00 – Spotting opportunities for growth in a down market

27:30 – Tracking happiness?! How one advisor used this outside-the-box KPI to track success in his business

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