Meet Allyssa Dickert: A Producer with a Passion for the Long and Winding Road

Have you ever thought about trading in your bricks and mortar life for something a little more … well … mobile? Allyssa Dickert is with you. When offered a chance to pack up, load up, and take off, all Allyssa asked was, “When do we leave?”  

“Bougie” #VanLife

The rolling adventure started in Maryland in a renovated van. If you traced Allyssa’s trail down the east coast to Florida, you’d take a hard right across the panhandle until you hit New Orleans. This is when the van turned north and the scenery changed state by state. 

As the miles ticked by, Allyssa checked off Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, and got to the point where the view through the windshield was sensory overload. “Van life is not as glamorous as it looks,” Allyssa assures. Which is why, when they could, Allyssa and her partner started staying with friends, in hotels, and in short-term rentals.

For the last three months of the winding cross-country trek, she let her Epic season pass chart the course. Working her way home to southern California through stops in the Colorado Rockies, Utah, and Lake Tahoe, she spent more time on the slopes than in the van. What did Allyssa learn from being on the road for 7 months? No matter what changes around you, home is really inside of you.

Miles = Minutes

Throwing Allyssa’s life story into reverse, let’s back up to her formative years. Before she had a fair shot at figuring out what she wanted to do when she grew up, Allyssa was immersed in TV News. Her Dad worked on “Good Day LA”, and he’d take her to the studio where she hung out with the anchors. No big surprise that she ended up heading to college to study communications. She eventually landed a job as a production assistant and loved the fast pace of the newsroom, but wasn’t interested in the celebrity gossip she found there.

To make her on-cam break in the business, she’d often tell people, “I’ll go anywhere.” So when a news director in Bismarck, ND called, she couldn’t find any good reasons to say no. From the warmth of SoCal sunshine, to the bitter cold midwest winters, the weather wasn’t the only noticeable difference. In North Dakota, Allyssa started measuring distance with time. To get to an interview in North Dakota, miles = minutes. In California, just getting 10 miles used to take hours.

What she learned about on-air storytelling at that station in Bismarck helped her move up the news ladder. She landed in southwest Florida where her team pioneered research into short-format digital content. It was a new thing then. Today, millions of hours of it are posted each day.

Story Sculptor

At Idea Decanter as a producer and scriptwriter, Allyssa found the perfect intersection of her story skills, her short-format experience, and her interest in money. Back in high school, she remembers going to her economics teacher after getting an inheritance from her grandparents. “What should I do with this?” she wanted to know, feeling over her head. Her teacher’s advice: invest it. She ended up spending it in college, and still kicks her younger self for the decision. That’s one of the reasons why Allyssa is passionate about teaching the younger generation about saving. She believes money is a vessel to get you where you want to go … whether that’s a stationary life or one on the move.

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