Meet Eman: Connection Creator and Emmy Nominated Storyteller

Eman Boyd

When you get Eman talking about the story that led to her first Emmy nomination, her eyes light up. It started with a tip that a guy named Fate Winslow was getting released from prison. He’d been sentenced to life in Angola, the infamous Louisiana lockup, but was getting out after serving 24 years. 

His crime? Selling $20 worth of marijuana. 

The story, “Worthy of Redemption,” ended up taking 5 months to research, interview, and produce and turned into a 11-minute docu-series.


 Eman’s story about Fate Winslow that got the Emmy nod also led to reforms of Louisiana’s habitual offender law. At the time, she’d been a reporter for less than 2 years. “What I learned personally from the project,” Eman says with a pause as she thinks back, “Is how impactful storytelling can be.”

Living with No Regrets

Dreams of making a difference by telling stories started early for Eman, who remembers watching Robin Roberts on ABC in the mornings before school. After school, Oprah was on when she got home. These small screen idols represented what she could be. Though, back then, the introverted kid wasn’t sure how she’d get there.

Luckily, being introverted wasn’t her only trait. Eman was also motivated to lead a life without regrets. This combination proved helpful, from the basketball court in college, through graduate school, and into her career. She founded her own production company and continues to create documentaries in her free time.

“I would rather say I tried and failed than never tried.” Eman’s motto says a lot about how she lives her life. And a lot about what she brings to the table at Idea Decanter.

Connection Creator

When Eman joined the team, her talents and organizational skills were put to the test. Dabbling in script writing and digital content coordination, she also takes the lead on marketing projects and is closely involved with strategic partnerships. When asked what she loves about her “utility player” role, she said it’s the freedom and flexibility. “I can work in Louisiana and the rest of our team is scattered across the U.S. But we’re all connected in helping people grow their brand.”

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