Meet Idea Decanter’s Newest Wordsmith: Melisa Raney

Melisa has always been drawn to the spotlight – at 8-years-old, she asked her mom to get her a talent agent. After recovering from the shock that her middle child even knew what a talent agent was, her mother did exactly as she was asked. It led to small roles in movies and television – including a commercial for Coca-Cola.

It was this experience in front of the camera – and a keen interest in the news of the world around her – that led Melisa to pursue a career in broadcast journalism after college. She spent the first portion of her career working in local news in Florida and North Carolina, covering everything from mundane city council meetings to record-breaking hurricane seasons.

After a few years, the luster of being on camera while simultaneously being her own camera operator and editor wore off. That’s when she made the move back to her hometown of Atlanta to work for CNN.

Melisa brings years of experience as a writer to the Idea Decanter team. She also has an eye for detail – and fact-checking. The last thing she wants to be is inaccurate.

When she isn’t churning out content for Idea Decanter, she’s writing creatively – sharing stories about her life both on stage performing standup comedy and on her

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