Meet Sam Hale: Award-Winning Sports Producer Calls the Shots in Sales 

From the sidelines, the press box, and the control room, Sam Hale has witnessed, watched, cheered, and covered more sporting events than he could possibly count. Did it ever get old? When you love sports as much as Sam, the short answer is no. Which is why, even though he left behind a career in sports media, you’ll still find him on the sidelines. These days it’s for his boys’ football and basketball games (sometimes coaching, sometimes just supporting).

When Sam joined Idea Decanter as an Account Executive, that 20 years of experience in the wide world of sports, where he regularly interviewed the biggest names in the NFL and coached brand new pro athletes through their first network TV interviews, really came in handy.

He’s applied those skills to coaching Idea Kit clients through remote record sessions and fired some tough (along with some softball) questions at advisors in Muse session interviews. But where he really shines is on demo calls with advisors who are interested in finding out more about how Idea Kit works. Like a coach with a dry erase board, Sam lays out the process. And like any standout quarterback, when Sam has a big sales win, he smiles graciously and then puts his head down and gets back in the game.

If you love a good highlight reel as much as Sam does, you’ll appreciate this list of some of the biggest plays from both on and off the court of his career:

#10: Born and raised in the vibrant state of Louisiana, Sam now calls the Windy City, Chicago, his home. But if you’re looking for food recommendations on your next trip to Louisiana– from boudin to the perfect ‘po boy – Sam’s the guy to ask.

#9: Despite living in Chicago for 9 years, Sam still has a strong dislike for shoveling snow and gets lots of use out the remote start for his car in the dead of winter.

#8: Standing tall at 6 feet 5 inches leads everyone to think Sam was destined for the NBA. Sam has not played on a team since the 7th grade.

#7: Sam and Idea Decanter’s co-founder, Laura Garfield, both cut their teeth in broadcasting at the same New Orleans TV station. Laura was a weekend reporter, while Sam was the weekend producer. They both worked there when Hurricane Katrina left her mark on the city.

#6: Sam’s dedication knows no bounds. During the challenging days after Hurricane Katrina, which flooded the newsroom, he and his news team put together post-storm coverage working from a different city and later a studio that had been submerged in 15 feet of water. 

#5: Sam’s life is an adventure! He’s been chased by an alligator and even attacked by a bear. Luckily, not on the same day. 

#4: Sam’s theme song is none other than “This Is How We Do It” by Montel Jordan. Once you hear it, it’s guaranteed to stay with you. You’re welcome!

#3 Sam enjoys playing poker in his free time.  Unfortunately, he has not yet hit a royal flush.

#2: Sam’s professional accolades include 3 Emmy Awards, 2 Telly Awards, and immense pride in seeing former interns and those he’s trained go on to achieve greatness in their careers.

#1: On a personal note, Sam’s greatest treasures are his two wonderful sons, Sammy and Jacob.

When Sam Hale joined the Idea Decanter team, it was like adding a seasoned sports champion to the lineup. He brings his passion, dedication, and a whole lot of sports analogies to our world of marketing.

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