Nominate Your Favorite Charitable Cause for Random Acts of KIT

Ever heard that the third time’s the charm?

We believe that’s true for Random Acts of KIT, Idea Decanter’s annual commitment to giving back.

You see, we know how to create a great video. And we know the powerful impact video can have. So, we asked ourselves, “Why not give it away?”

Now any business owner knows that you can’t always give it away. But, as a way to celebrate the success of our company AND actively participate in the good things that are going on in our communities, we founded the Random Acts of KIT project back in 2021.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You nominate a charity that’s close to your heart
  2. Make sure to find out if that charity can use a video (if they have no website or social media presence, this might not be a good candidate)
  3. In your nomination, include an email contact at the organization
  4. And tell us why you think they need a video
  5. Don’t wait because nominations close on May 31st!
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In the past we’ve only accepted Random Acts of KIT nominations from Idea Decanter clients. This year, we’ve decided to open nominations up to friends and fans of Idea Decanter to have an even greater reach and impact.

We hope by now that you have a special charity in mind! Here’s how to officially get it going:

Learn more about the 2021 Random Acts of KIT winner, Niskayuna Rowing.

And watch the 2022 Random Acts of KIT winner, A Brighter Community:

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