On-Cam Performance Tips from an Idea Kit Pro

We joke with our clients that your first video will be your worst. Seriously! We’ve seen it time and time again. It’s partly because once you see yourself on camera, you’ll know what you want to improve.

How can you beat the odds and deliver a great performance from the start? We asked financial advisor Mike Ajango of WealthPlan. He has a head start since he directs community theatre. He shares how he prepares for an Idea Kit shoot. Mike’s 5 tips can help you improve your on-cam delivery, whether it’s your first video or your fiftieth:

Let’s break down what makes Mike seem so natural in his delivery:


This isn’t the first time Mike’s said these words. Not only does he write his scripts, but he’s practiced at least a half dozen times before he sat in front of the camera.

Why? By reading your script out loud, you give your mouth muscle memory. You stumble less and you know what is coming next so you have the right inflection.



It’s hard to read a teleprompter naturally. It takes some time and practice — kind of like walking and chewing gum at the same time. You need to read and still be conversational. Mike moves his head and body while he talks as if he’s sitting across the table from you.

To start practicing, download a teleprompter app for you phone or iPad. Here are a few to check out:

Or use an online teleprompter like CuePrompter. There are lots of options out there that are free.

You can even go old school and tape you script to the bathroom mirror. Make the text big and stand back.


We tell advisors all the time to read your script like you are telling a bedtime story. It’s going to feel like you’re being overly dramatic or overselling, but on video you want to be at least 20% more animated than you would be in real life. Mike speaks with enthusiasm and inflection, and incorporates dramatic pauses. This gives the viewer time to soak up what you’re saying.


It’s video — we can cut! If you have a hard-to-deliver paragraph, just keep re-doing it until you get it right. In post-production, we’ll edit the best takes to make your video perfect.

And with Idea Kit, you’re never alone. We’re there, coaching you through your delivery and editing to make you sound like a pro.

Here’s a video Mike used in his marketing strategy. Watch how he brings all of his performance tips together to create a video that connects:


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