ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: How to Kick Ass at Video Marketing

There are two things that can stop you before you get started with video marketing:

  1. You’re worried you’ll look unprofessional
  2. You don’t know how to get started

Either will put the brakes on the best intentions and will get in the way of connecting with your clients. Video can be a powerful marketing tool and we spend over an hour sharing some of the secrets we usually reserve for our clients.

Want to kick ass when it comes to video? Thanks to our friends at Females & Finance who invited us to share … all you have to do is watch, learn, then get recording. And to save you some time — skip ahead to the parts you really need:

08:20 START HERE (we’re really just chit chatting until this point!)

12:00 UTILITY PLAYER VIDEOS (ways to use ‘em that you might overlook)

14:00 SHOCKING STATS (By 2022, videos will comprise more than 82% of consumer internet traffic *Source: Cisco and more eye-popping numbers)

16:00 BEST MESSAGING (aka “How Fernando got it so right when he decided to Go BIG.”)

24:30 TELEPROMPTER TACTICS (how to practice so you sound like yourself)

33:30 RECORD WITH CONFIDENCE (and why Sharon can really feel your pain)

37:30 WHAT TO WEAR (with a healthy dose of “what not to wear” for good measure)

40:30 FOUR COMMON ROOKIE MISTAKES (don’t do this when you’re making a video)

55:45 BE A VIDEO ROCKSTAR (but not the singing kind — the kind that knows how to share videos once they’re produced)

1:02:00 FREEBIE (there’s an offer here for a give-away and you can still take advantage — just follow the directions in the video)

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