On-Demand Webinar: Pro Tips for DIY Video Marketing

Some people need our help when it comes to creating videos. Others are more of the the roll up the sleeves and MacGyver your way through it type. If you fall into the DIY camp, we have a treat for you! Our friends at 401(k) Marketing invited us to share what we know about creating and sharing video in a webinar. And, of course, we said, “Heck yeah!” So for all you Pinterest loving, iMovie using, do-it-yourselfers, here’s what you can gain by spending some time with our webinar replay:

  • How you can create video content you can share.
  • Best practices for posting video to all the platforms.
  • How video marketing can change your business.
  • Common issues advisors face when trying to create videos on their own.
  • Recommendations for how to start video marketing yourself.

And guess what else we have for you? A cheat sheet if you want to hightail it straight to the part you need (and skip the rest of the full 55 minute webinar). WARNING: The first 7 minutes is pure fluff. You won’t hurt our feelings if you want to get straight to the good stuff:

07:00 Shout-out to “On the Bridge” creator Jim Claywell.

08:30 Why you should be in your videos – not some off-the-shelf video.

11:05 Eye-opening stats about the power of video marketing.

13:00 Shout-out to Deirdre Van Nest and her Crazy Good Talks way of getting people to focus on their “Why.”

15:30 Why it’s okay to make mistakes and stumble – it’s science!

20:00 Like a good workout routine, here’s why you need to track your analytics. The good news: The frequency won’t kill you.

23:00 Sharon dishes on the 4 most common video mistakes she sees.

28:30 A big secret in financial services video marketing that the compliance officers don’t want you to hear.

31:15 How to DIY your disclaimer and look like a pro

32:00 Don’t make this mistake at the beginning of your video.

34:00 And don’t make these sharing mistakes. Some simple steps to make sure your video autoplays on social.

36:30 How to get the A.I. robots to caption your videos.

39:00 Interesting (at least to us) factoids about Idea Decanter. Here we whine a little about wine.

42:00 Shout-out to video marketing Rockstar Jeanne Fisher.

43:00 We’ve tried and tested. Get our DIY gear recommendations.

46:00 Our top 3 tips for video DIYers.

49:15 Social secrets (ie. how to use your videos like a pro).

52:00 Did somebody say, “Freebies?!?” If you missed out, just let us know and we’ll send ‘em your way.

53:00 Your moment of zen.

BONUS: For a fun drinking game, count how many times Laura says “pipe in.”

Ready to watch? Just click here. Don’t be afraid to give the ladies over at 401(k) Marketing a tiny bit of info to access the webinar. It’s worth it!

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