One to Watch: A Make-A-Wish Whale Watching Adventure

We’re not traveling a lot this year. And we miss it. How about you?

To make up for all that time spent in quarantine, we’d like to invite you on a big adventure with a little guy named Austin.

When Make-A-Wish, Alaska and Washington asked me to shoot this story, I didn’t have to think twice. Whale watching is too cool to miss. So, I packed up the gear in the back of our Subaru, convinced my husband to come along to help haul the heavy stuff, and set out for Anacortes. Now, living in Washington state, there’s no shortage of breathtaking scenery. But Anacortes and Austin together made for a trip I won’t soon forget.

Keep in mind, when your wish is whale watching, Make-A-Wish can deliver the boat, but nobody can control those whales. Here’s what happened to Austin:

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